Frocktober Day 31 – Alex frocks out

Frocktober is WAY FUN for a good cause, but it also fills me with anxiety. What am I going to wear each day? Have I got something FUNNY to write and how am I possibly going to top my Frocktober 2012 finale?

Meet Alex Masseni. Now I don’t actually know Alex. I just know him as my nephew-Jack’s-friend-Tyler’s-Dad. Alex may have said something as simple as “yeah I’ll wear a frock” to my sister last week, and I was all over it.

Alex is pictured here wearing a lovely Saba dress with a scarf and a tiara. Actually, let’s just get Alex to talk you though his outfit….

Should we call him Alexandra?

Should we call him Alexandra?

I have never had to have a rationale for the clothes I wear, yet alone a dress. Finding something that can fit a guys shoulders was a task. But it’s all about the accessories.

Black is flattering but add a tiara and it adds a bit of class. Why a scarf? Well, we need to hide the chest hair. Not my waxing week.

In all seriousness. I don’t know anyone with ovarian cancer. I hope no one I know is touched by it. But there are people and families who have. This is for you. Well done Rachael. Keep up the great work.

Every Saba Princess needs a tiara.

Every Saba Princess needs a tiara.

So what about it Alex’s friends? How about a donation for a man who’s willing to wear a frock to help his son’s best friend’s Aunty raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation?

Frocktober Day 30 – ciao floral

Well Frocktober friends, second last day! I saved a lovely floral number for my penultimate frock. After work I went on to dinner at Caffeitalia. The frock seemed pretty fitting for the authentic-Italian-vibe. While I waited for my mates I took selfies and Googled “what is the difference between chinos and khakis”. I know right? I’m interested in the big issues.

Waiting for my mates at  Cafeitalia.

Waiting for my mates at Caffeitalia.

I was going to post a picture of my ah-mazing Caffeitalia barramundi for you to see, but in a fit of tiredness I pressed delete instead of send in my iPhone. So you’re going to have to make do with a picture of me in floral….


There’s barramundi and prawns in my tummy.

SOOOO close! Only $300 to go til I hit my fundraising target. How about a donation? It’s for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

Frocktober Day 29 – it’s time to donate

Day 29. Old grey frock and polka-dot shirt from the back of my wardrobe. Frocks are running out! Time is running out! I need you to donate to my page. PLEASE!

Donate to my page and a small child gets their Disney princess carry-on luggage back.

oh come ON!

oh come ON!

Frocktober Day 28 – thanks Aunty Judy

A while back I went to a bit of a doo at Frocking Obsessed’s house. Her Aunty Judy had brought a bag of clothes along that one of Aunty Judy’s friends passed on to find new homes. Something about the friend losing weight and not needing them anymore. Aunty Judy’s friend must be a waif, a WAIF I tell you.

Anyways, I ended up with this black number, for which I am most grateful to Aunty Judy’s friend.  Alas I have done the frock no justice, because on Day 28, once I popped my head up at work to take a photo for the blog there was no-one left. Selfie in the work toilet time again.

yeah, this again

yeah, this again.

Selfie at my desk too…

Wearing Aunty Judy's friend's frock with Mum's polka dot cardigan.

Wearing Aunty Judy’s friend’s frock with Mum’s polka dot cardigan.

When I got home from work I realised the stitch was still in the bottom of the kick-pleat. Awkward, yes, but I was relieved when I worked that out because for a moment I thought I’d split the dress and had been walking around with my knickers showing. So not businessy.

Yep, I did

Yep, I did

How about a donation, for Aunty Judy!

Frocktober Day 27 – my sister is a good sport

I kind of promised a refashion at the start of Frocktober to the person who helped me come up with the name of my blog. I didn’t end up going with any of the suggestions (thanks everybodee) but my sister was a bit gutted she didn’t get a refashion (her suggestion was pretty good too).

So especially after she tore ligaments in her ankle while she was on holiday I decided when she got back I’d do bit of an upcycle photo thing starring HER! Because of course, when you’ve got a busted ankle and you’re feeling a bit rubbish, what you really want is your sister to boss you into taking photos.

Anyways, I brought over a black slip and a floral kimono thingy that I found at Karrinyup markets for $10. I tied a vintage scarf around her scone and I teased her hair. Oh, and I brought wine.


The strapped ankle goes really well with her boobs.

I encouraged her to pose for a photo on the banana lounge I’d set up in the backyard, along with a few props.


Isn’t she glamorous?

Then I released the children*


*Jack didn’t want to be in the photo. Neither did Max.

So how about a donation, Alicia’s friends?


Dawwwwww, most of the photos look like this…

Frocktober Day 26 – get your tartan on

Tartan is waaaaaay hot right now, so when I saw this little frock at the Salvo’s on Murray St during a sneaky shopping session I grabbed it. But there was no way I was going to be able to wear it.

Yeah, not wearing that anywhere.

Yeah, not wearing that anywhere.

I hatched a plan during the same trip and went looking for a black frock. This is what I found.


It’s a tent, with some sashes.

Actually,it’s a maternity dress.


Yeah Baby’s Mum, your tag will be the first to go.

I started with the easy bit, which was deconstructing the tartan with an unpicker…



It’s about here I pulled in the sewing big-guns. Mum. I needed the help. This thing had extra fabric at the front where a baby was supposed to be able to fit. Plus I don’t have a dress form, so I needed her to pin it on me. Plus I just really enjoy hanging out with Mum and sewing and chatting.

Living dress form.

Living dress form.

Here is the pinning from another angle…


She’s a good and patient Mum,

We were disturbed by someone not so patient.


“Oh god I’m so bored of this, I don’t care how hot tartan is right now,” said Maxwell.

We pinned a pattern onto the black frock using the tartan. Mum did the detailed work while I was off gallivanting. I know, I’m terrible. But she was excited to finish it on my behalf, because she knew where I wanted to wear it.


Oh, that’s a good Mum.

I wore the newly re-fashioned, fashion forward frock on a date with a Man-Friend. He picked me up, took this photo for me and then we went to Clarences. We had a lovely time having dinner surrounded by hipsters.


Huzah! What about that tartan, hipsters!

Oh come on! How about a donation? Do it for Pauline! (That’s my Mum!)

Frock trifecta

Frock trifecta.

Frocktober Day 25 – I do want to be like Miley, kind of

I bought this frock because I thought it was nice and businessy and versatile, and then I realised it kind of looked like the frock Miley Cyrus wore in her last appearance as a couple with Liam Hemsworth.


Hmmmm, ok well I do kind of want to be like Miley, that kid is a gazillionare.

I met up with some lovely, lovely ladies at The Stables after work on Day 25. I showed them the picture of Miley and Liam. They thought it was funny. We decided to try and find a Liam-a-like to pose in a Frocktober photo with me.


Awe you two, just too young, and stuff.

We found a candidate, the only candidate at The Stables that night actually. We asked him to be in a photo for my Frocktober fundraising blog. He refused. WHAT? The ladies and I agreed the gentlemen at the bar that night were a bit stoopid. We hatched another plan. We drank espresso martinis instead.


Hello espresso martini, I am going to drink you.

For all the Mums out there who produced the stoopid boys at the bar that night, how about a donation in their name for Frocktober?


Kind of but not really.